Thursday, January 28, 2010

What EVERY wife needs to know...

Lady friends - get this book: The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands by Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Dr. Laura puts it to us straight and tells us exactly what we need to hear regarding our marriages and husbands. The entire book is excellent, but I have a love/hate relationship with chapter 6, so I thought I'd share.
It's the inevitable sex chapter, but before Dr. Laura tells us what we need to know about our husbands' needs, she discusses the "frump syndrome". This disease is frequently contracted by married women, especially after children.
I'll list the symptoms so you can determine if you have contracted this ailment:
-wearing flannel socks & pj's or sweats & oversized t-shirts to bed
-not shaving legs or grooming nails
-not washing or styling hair
-not wearing make-up for your husband
-using the toilet with him in the room
-not wearing perfume
-not wearing cute, sexy clothes around the house
-(gaining huge amounts of weight)
She says that this condition is worrisome because women "embrace the notion that once they are married, they are entitled to be loved, adored, protected, romanced, and provided for without any effort on their part to create the (right) environment." I'm nervous. I have a few of the symptoms. I DO NOT want it to turn into the full blown disease.
Dr. Laura says that what attracts men to women is their femininity (so then why do we lose that once we are married?). She also says that "the unwillingness to accept responsibility for the upkeep of one's physical or emotional well-being should be met with consternation (shock, confusion) by a spouse because it's an assault on the marital covenant." (Wow.) And she goes on to say that the way that women take care of and present themselves expresses the love that their husbands need. She is serious about this issue of caring for our selves and our bodies.
This is just the tip of the iceberg, ladies. She gets into our business without apology! She is pro-marriage, pro-husbands, pro-families all the way. She is not a Christian, but her principles are straight from the Bible. If you are looking to improve your marriage, and want new ways to show your husband how much you adore him, get this book. He will l-o-v-e you for it! And you can thank me later.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Birthday Suit(s)

My dad's birthday was last week, and in honor of him, we all showed up to his birthday party in sweat clothes. My dad thinks sweats are as fancy as anyone should ever have to dress. Bless him.

This is us, pretending to be normal.

This is us, being more like ourselves.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dancing Monster

We went to a Halloween party and Ella Rose was dressed up as a little green monster. She had a hard time convincing anyone that she was scary.

Jonathan was Richard Simmons and I was Excited About Christmas. Neither of us had a hard time convincing anyone that we were scary. His shorty shorts and my big behind jeans and blue eye shadow were enough to scare anyone.

My man and me

My sisters and me - taking the kids trick 'r treating before the Halloveen party

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Vapor

Today I realized that this year is almost.over. Whaaaaat??? Just yesterday Ella Rose turned one. Tomorrow is Christmas. January is birthday number two. Isaac is 4 months next week! Is it just me or does time go even faster once you have kids...and then double fast once you have two. How sad. My kids are going to be grown in a minute. I don't like it.

I wanna keep this...

and this.

Stop growing babies!

Friday, October 16, 2009

My Baby Daddy

My superawesomefun bff Jessica (503 Photography) was in town in early September and snapped these shots of Jonnie with our babies. I think they PERFECTLY depict his fathering style. He is so sweet, attentive, and loving to our babes. Ella Rose and Isaac have completely captured his heart, and that's just one more reason he has captured my heart.

Oh man. I LOVE my baby daddy. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful man in our lives.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

ER's new hobby

I bet there aren't many other 1 1/2 year olds who change their 3-month old brother's diapers.


Here are a few pictures I took today of our little fella. He is 11 weeks and 6 days today, and he is one happy little guy. :)

My bff Mandi got Isaac this fabulous onesie, Cooley-O! We love it! (Cooley is his middle name, after Jonathan's grandfather.)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Adventures of Jenny & Emily

Last weekend I got to go on a much needed girlfriend date with Jenny while our husands stayed at home with all the kids. We went to Candace's wedding. And what more perfect outing for two bffs who love food, fun, and photos?? None that I can think of.
On our way to the wedding we decided that since we don't get out much, we should document our evening with a little photojournalism. So here was our night (in pictures)...and I think you'll be able to tell that we don't get out much...

Us on our way to the wedding

Us leaving the wedding (Dangit! We forgot to take a picture AT the wedding!)

Jenny showing off her spanx in the parking lot of the church

Me laughing hysterically at Jenny

Jenny & me with the Bride - Candace (Bennett) Joseph

Jenny & me with Josh - our other date that we picked up at the wedding

Us reallllllllly enjoying our wedding cake. We unashamedly asked for corner pieces, and we got 'em.

J-Hen, K-Full, and E-Wil having a blast. K-Full settled for hanging with us when Tina wasn't around.

What the? Don't ask...

The Photobooth

Girls just wanna have fun. (Tina, Jen, me, & Kristi)

Dance #1: Get yo groove own...

Dance #2: Doin' the butt

Dance #3, and it looks like we have a wannabe back there (nice one, Mer).

Our 4th and final dance, a slow one. We were without spouses, but that wasn't gonna keep us off the flo. At this point we were concerned that some of the other guests may have been concerned about us.

Us - being exhausted, waiting for the bride and groom to make their grand exit

Tina lovin' on Kev's cheek

Us being grossed out by Tina & Kevin's PDA.

Ohohh say can you see....

Me getting excited to hold a sparkler, and to see Candace leave

Wait. I gotta concentrate so I don't set anyone on fire (Jenny!).

Jenny inserting herself in front of the getaway car to take one last picture. I'm pretty sure by this point every other guest at the wedding thought we had lost our minds.

Good times, Jenny. You are one FUN date. But since I have 2 kids and you have 3 1/2, this may be our last date for a while...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Photographically Challenged

You'd think that we would be able to get a good shot in one take...afterall, Jessica is a pro-fessional and I reallllly like to take pictures (and do it quite often). But after this "photo session", I realized that we are quite photographically challenged when it comes to setting up the self timer to take pictures of ourselves. It literally took more than 15 pictures to get one good shot (where we were actually ready and looking at the camera). I like candids though, and we got plenty of those!

Love you, Jess. Miss you already! Can't wait to see you Thursday. Mwah!

Jess getting in place so I could know where to set the camera, but then I forgot to set it to self-timer and when I pushed the button it just took a regular ole picture. Duh #1.


We had no idea The Cakes was back there making a fool of himself.

Why do we keep moving back so far?

Fantastical, finally.

Friday, August 7, 2009

4 week old Isaac

Here are a few pictures of our new little Isaac. He is fluffing right up!

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The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple
Jonnie + Emily = Forever