Thursday, July 24, 2008

Family Vacate #1

Last summer, my family was sitting around talking about vacations and such and we decided that we weren't getting any younger...and that we should begin taking family vacations together (and truth be told, Jonnie and I knew we wouldn't be cruising the Carribean for a while after ER was born). So, last week we finally took our very first Phillips/Dunn/Wilson/mightaswellbe Spurlin family vacation to Greers Ferry Lake in Arkansas - the place my family went every summer since birth. We stayed in a nice house right on the water. Dern it though if we didn't get there and the water was so high - about 50 feet too high - that it made our "beach" rocky and muddy. All Jonathan has been hearing for the last 6 years is how crystal clear that lake is, and when we got there we were sure we had arrived at the Mississippi River (along the banks, anyway). We Phillips have had much worse to contend with on vacations however...a little mud (or brown recluses or scorpions or underwater sticker bushes) won't ruin our fun!
So Ella Rose went on her first vacation, and she had a blast! What a cutie in that tankini, I'll tell ya! She was a doll...for the 10 minutes she was actually wearing it anyway. She gave Jonnie and me plenty of play time together everyday during her naps. Good baby! We spent the day on a pontoon on Friday and she did beautifully. What a sweetie. The Cakes and I got decent tans and had some good family time together. Hopefully lots more family vacations to come!
(P.S. Take a look at Ella Rose's blog for some more cute vacation pics of her!)
(P.S.S. Don't laugh at this song. It's our family vacation song and it brings back good memories...)

Notice the muddy water behind me. Ella Rose didn't get in the water until we got on the boat and we were out in the clean water. A muddy baby isn't a fun baby.

The sisters and me catching some rays on our rocky beach.

Ella Rose taking a sink bath - this is here for no other reason than her little squinched up face is SO cute!

Melissa looks bored, but she's not...she's just sooo into Happy Feet.

The classic Jonnie & Emily vacation pose.

All the fam...except Connor & telling where those little devils were...

Hot hubby + cute baby girl = happy Emily.

LOVE my sisters!! We had such a good time together. We could go on vacation together once a month and never get tired of each other.

I know it's fuzzy...but my only family pic on the boat. Sorry...

I thought Ella Rose should go ahead and learn how to drive a boat. Her future husband will be a water-lover.

That's right. We tubed...until I was a party-pooper and made my dad stop. It hurt my knees...really, it did.
Drewski & Molly-pop

Katy and me posing as long as we can for a quick pic in the Little Red River. Like ice water!

Connor thinking he's cool by getting in the River, but then running his buns out before they freeze off!

Ella Rose was such a good girl all week that we let her drive home. No, she couldn't see over the steering wheel, and no, she didn't have a seat belt on...but she was cute.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

One Word. Fun.

Okay...first things first. Jonnie, Ella Rose and I spent this last week at the lake with my family, but I want to keep things in (chronological) order, so I'll post about the super-fun weekend we had last weekend at Brian & Meg's wedding first.
Jonathan's friend Brian (who is too sweet for words) was finally swooped up by the lucky, not to mention beautiful, Meg. They are the cutest couple. Jonathan was in the wedding, along with his good buddies Brad and Kane. They and their wives stayed at our house for the weekend and we had a blast! The weekend was fan-cy and jam packed full of fun wedding-y activities. They offered us plenty of opportunitites to visit with good friends. (Every wedding that we go to is like a Mississippi State reunion - so fun!)
The wedding was beautiful and the reception was too fun. They really pulled out all the stops. Good food, good friends, BIG fun! We (after Jonathan begged and pleaded) danced the night away. And for all you gal pals of mine who think Jonnie is too laid back and mellow - I saw a different side of Jonnie that night. His friends tell me that I saw college Jonnie - and I loved it! That night just gave me 100 more reasons to be in love with him. He was so much fun!! (Oh! AND he was all fancied up in a tux and he looked so handsome. Love seein' my man in tails!)
The Overstreets, The Maxwells, and Us at the rehearsal dinner at the Hunt & Polo Club. Jonnie offered up a sweet, thoughtful, meaningful toast to Brian. Made me teary-eyed.

Bride & Groom (Meg & Brian Flowers)

Sorry, Kane. It looks like Jonnie is a hair taller. (those boys...)

Larkin & Jenny Ruth Kennedy, Kane & Katey Overstreet, and the J-Cakes & Me

Kane & Jonathan showing off some smoothe moves
LOVE this pic. It perfectly illustrates our evening - fun!
Larkin, Kane, and Jonnie workin' it.
I am so glad I captured college Jonnie on video. You wouldn't have believed it if ya hadn't of seen it. Who is this guy??!!
When my boy smiles this big, it makes my heart so happy!
Getting ready to head back to the Wilson Hotel, where the party never ends.
I was so proud of my man!
These two topped off the evening with a 1:00am wrestle in our back yard.
Emily: Kane! Go stop them!
Kane: No...this'll be funny.
Emily: Somebody's gonna get hurt. Do they know how old they are?!
Kane: They will in the morning.
...and they did.
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The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple
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