Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I wanna wear this...
Ahhhh... so dreamy.

Not this...
This has ewwww written all over it.

Maternity clothes are ugly and they make me feel worse than I already do. Can I get a witness? Sick.

(These are the summertime clothing thoughts on my mind...)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wedding Dress Pics...5 years later

Back in the early fall of last year, I was planning a little something special for Jonathan's and my 5-year anniversary. During one of her trips in town, Jess and I plotted and planned. We waited for the perfect time to sneak my wedding dress out of the house so I could have a few special pictures taken in it...for Jonnie. When we got home, I left the dress in the car and headed inside. We made small talk with Jonathan hoping he wouldn't ask to many detailed questions about what we had been doing. Jessica immediatley began downloading the pics to her computer, and just as they were finishing up, Jonnie walked over and saw them. He was so confused and asked what in the world the pictures were for. (To his credit, they were taken in bizarre locations so I could understand his confusion.) I tried to convince him that Jessica was at our wedding 5 years ago (Jess & I didn't even know each other then), but he didn't buy it. He just accused us of scheming and lying - but he never could figure out why. Needless to say, it ruined the surprise and I didn't end up using them. Talk about disappointment.
Anywho, I wanted to post a link to some of these pics that Jessica just recently posted on her blog. She made me look waaaaaaay better than in real life and she deserves some credit for it! Girl's got skills. I was so squished in to that dress (still breast feeding in those days) so she had to "take care of" quite a few elements in the pictures to make them print worthy. She. is. goooood.
I finally showed all the pictures to Jonathan last night and he was quite impressed (mostly with the parts that were squished in ;).

Monday, March 9, 2009

Patience has paid off!

Finally! ...
Anyone who knows me knows that I've been wanting a new kitchen table since, ohhh, the first year of our marriage. We moved into this house when we had been married only 7 months, and then the itch began. The kitchen table we were using was the table that my family used as a breakfast table in the early 80's. Old school, and tiny! We only intended to use it while we were in our apartment, but then after moving in to our house, purchasing a new one got pushed to the bottom of the priority list. My mom helped me fancy the table up a bit, but there is only so much that can be done to a press board-top table with metal legs, and chairs that don't even fit the average-sized butt. That table set has been painted and reupholstered so many times it's embarassing. But it worked. We always had somewhere to eat. And memories. Everyone has that piece of furniture that is totally embarrassing and doesn't match the rest of the house, but that provided lots of memories. This was it.

But now, 5 years later...tadaa!
It's a big ole black round table for 6 - just what I wanted!! Thanks, Jonnie! (And it also doubles as a jungle gym for Ella Rose. What a bonus.)

The oldie...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Such is life.

My current dilemas:
~I want warm weather, but don't want to wear warm weather clothes.
~I want Isaac to hurry, but I don't want to wish Ella Rose's life away.
~I love having babies, but I hate being pregnant.
~I want to organize everything in my house, but don't want to do it.
~I want to be a really good cook, but have little confidence in myself.
~I know God loves me for free, but I still want to work for it.
~I want to be fun, but I'm not when I'm pregnant.
~I want to serve others more, but I am self-involved.
~I want to be more trendy and stylish, but I don't know how.
~I love to play outside, but what can a babe that doesn't walk yet do?
~I want to be a hottie for J, but pregnancy is the antithesis of hot.
~I want skills, but I'm not motivated to develop them.
~I want to go to bed earlier, but I hate washing my face.

One thing that isn't a dilema for me? Where I get my hair did. Kristi... She always makes me feel better about myself...err, at least my hair. Talk about skills. High-lighting skills.
(I know. This is completely unrelated to the above statements, but I love my new blonde {and my friend Kristi}, annnnd you know that a picture makes every post better.)

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