Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I feel bad-good.

But not just had a baby and my crotch & nips hurt bad. Like, my little cowboy is really good and he sleeps well and eats well and doesn't spit up and never blows out his diaper bad-good. Why is that bad, you ask. I have heard so many horror stories (and lived my own the first 6 weeks of Ella Rose's life) that I was worr-ied about baby #2. People call and ask how I am, and other than tiiiiiirrrrrrrreeed, things are going well. So many have said, "don't worry, it gets easier"... but I don't think it does. Truth be told, it's pretty easy right now. I haven't reallllllly had to experience the depth and breadth of what my life is about to look like. Honey has been here since we got home from the hospital, and today Nana arrived. My mom said it best when she said that I don't have to adjust to a new baby (I've done this before and I can handle it). I have to adjust to a newborn AND an 18-month old. Yowza. What the heck is in store for me?! And she's an active little darling.
Bottom line, sometimes I'm tempted to act like things are worse than they are, because that's what everyone expects to hear, but I ain't a hurtin'...yet.
HOWEVER, if you really want to know how I am, call me a week from today and I will have had a good 3 days by myself of newborn & 18-monther... and that's when I'll need to hear that it gets better.
And God bless all of you who have offered to bring us dinner. I'm gonna be flat. on. my. back by dinner time after the help leaves.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Introducing Isaac Cooley!

Much to our surprise (or my at least to my surprise - I was CERTAIN that I would not go in to labor, but be induced next Monday :), Isaac was born on Sunday night, July 5th at 10:35pm. He weighed 7 pounds 5 ounces and was 20 inches long. What a relief to get him out of my belly!

The last picture of Isaac in the belly - taken while I was in labor at my parent's house :)

Don't I look happy?'s was a fake lots of pain!

What a relief to have him O-U-T of the belly!

Our little sweet bundle of tiny weenie joy!

Ella Rose's first contact with Isaac...taking the opportunity to "ponk ponk" his nose.

Daddy & Isaac

Our happy family
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The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple
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