Saturday, August 22, 2009

Photographically Challenged

You'd think that we would be able to get a good shot in one take...afterall, Jessica is a pro-fessional and I reallllly like to take pictures (and do it quite often). But after this "photo session", I realized that we are quite photographically challenged when it comes to setting up the self timer to take pictures of ourselves. It literally took more than 15 pictures to get one good shot (where we were actually ready and looking at the camera). I like candids though, and we got plenty of those!

Love you, Jess. Miss you already! Can't wait to see you Thursday. Mwah!

Jess getting in place so I could know where to set the camera, but then I forgot to set it to self-timer and when I pushed the button it just took a regular ole picture. Duh #1.


We had no idea The Cakes was back there making a fool of himself.

Why do we keep moving back so far?

Fantastical, finally.


503 Photography said...

Gah. I LOVE these. I'm laughing right now. Email them to me stat! These are ALL framers! Love you. Miss you like the deserts miss the rain.

Brandie said...

Oh my gosh, y'all are so cute!! These even made me laugh! :) And seriously??? You did NOT just have a baby, and #2 at that. You look like a model.

I hate you.

Anonymous said...

Question-If Jonnie was there, why didn't y'all just have him take it? Just too much fun to pass up using the self-timer?

mylifealamode said...


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The Happy Couple
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